PITCH Meet and Greet

Meet members of PITCH and learn more about the organization for and by people living with HIV/AIDS. Join us we as we host a “meet & greet” reception at PHC’s Wellness Center on Tuesday, April 3 from 6-7:30 PM. RSVP today!

PITCH Wellness Summit 2018

Register for the 2018 PITCH (Positive Iowans Taking Charge) Wellness Summit, May 4-6.

Viral Suppression and Preventing HIV Transmission

People living with HIV who take HIV medicine as prescribed and get and keep an undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of transmitting HIV to their HIV-negative sexual partners.

Travelling with HIV

Traveling for business or pleasure was once extremely difficult for people living with HIV/AIDS. Today, with proper treatment, travel is definitely manageable. Here are some ways to stay safe and healthy while travelling.

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Video: Story of Acceptance

In addition to facing early-onset aging and certain medical concerns earlier than people without HIV might expect to develop them, long-term survivors also are likely to experience mental and emotional health challenges, such as stigma, bereavement, survivor’s guilt, as well as chronic exposure to trauma, both related to HIV and predating HIV.

Video: Story of Hope

The number of Black women diagnosed with HIV has fallen 42 percent (from 2005 – 2014). That means we’re making progress. But Black women still have the highest HIV infection rate among women of other races and ethnicities. The HIV infection rate for Black women is nearly 16 times that of White women and 5 times that of Hispanic women.

Video: Story of Resilience

When he was diagnosed with HIV, Roger was told to get his affairs in order. 25 years later, Roger is still alive and living his life to the fullest.