In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HIV Prevention Team at The Project launched an at-home HIV testing program through telehealth. By mailing at-home testing kits to clients and providing support via Zoom the team was able to continue to provide access to services for individuals who weren’t able or weren’t comfortable coming into the clinic. 

It also allowed the prevention team to connect with people who never would have accessed HIV testing otherwise.

The Prevention team was advertising the new service when they received a message from a man living in East-Central Iowa. While supporting him during the test, our Prevention Specialist Noah Beacom asked if he had ever heard of PrEP, and if he would be interested in starting the prescription.

He said yes, but that he didn’t know where to go. Noah used to find a clinic near the client that would prescribe PrEP. He called to check that they did indeed have a provider who prescribes PrEP, and they said they did. Noah was able to connect the client to care and help him get started on PrEP

Another client who is an LGBTQ member of a community in Marshall County, told our Prevention Specialists on a phone call, after hearing about the other services available, “Well good! I’m glad to know someone cares.”

Despite all of the barriers this year, The Project has tested 1,022 individuals including 950 HIV tests, 40 At-Home, and 9 new HIV diagnoses that we were able to connect to care and case management services.