Did you know that right next door to our medical clinic we have a pharmacy that patients of The Project of Primary Health Care can use to fill their prescriptions?

There are many benefits to using the PHC pharmacy like saving money, time, and receiving more personalized care from a pharmacist who works with and knows your provider.


Have your prescription filled before you even leave the building. The pharmacy is just next door to the medical clinic.

Save money on your prescriptions

Community health centers like Primary Health Care can purchase medications at significantly reduced prices. That means that when you fill with us you could get your prescription at a lower cost.*

Financial assistance for HIV and Hepatitis C medications

We can help qualified applicants enroll in a patient assistance program that provides these medications for little or no cost.*

A pharmacist specially trained in HIV care

We have a pharmacist on staff who is certified to provide patient and provider consultations around the complex medication regimen that many persons living with HIV encounter.

PrEP for less

Patients may use their co-pay cards to reduce the cost of this medication. Qualified patients may be eligible for a patient assistance program and our staff can help with enrollment.*

Your pharmacist knows your provider

Since we are in the same building, the pharmacy team can easily get in touch with your provider if there are questions about your prescription.

Support the mission of Primary Health Care

Last, but certainly not least, when you fill your prescription at our pharmacy, you are making an investment in PHC. Revenue generated at our pharmacy allows us to enhance programs and services for our patients.


To learn if your current prescriptions are available at a lower cost, please ask your provider to send your prescription across the hall to our pharmacy.

*There is no guarantee, your medication will be less expensive than what you pay elsewhere.

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