Virtual Visits

at PHC and The Project of PHC
Primary Health Care is now offering our patients the option to do virtual visits with their health care provider instead of coming into the clinic.  These visits are easy, confidential and are available for no extra charge. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer and an internet connection.  Health centers, clinics, and hospitals around the country are using telehealth to protect your health during this time to help stop the spread of COVID-19. There is no need to skip your routine visits with your healthcare provider. 

Need to talk? We can help!

Our licensed Behavioral Health Consultants can meet with you via virtual visits or by phone.

Call (515) 248-1595 to schedule your appointment. 

How does a virtual visit work?
If you have a smartphone, tablet, computer and an internet connection that’s all you really need to have a virtual visit with your healthcare provider. You will have the opportunity to speak directly with your healthcare provider using a safe and secure platform. It’s just like Facetiming your kids or grandkids. If you have questions about your telehealth appointment or technical difficulties contact your PHC clinic for assistance. Ask your provider if your next scheduled visit can be virtual!
How to prepare for your virtual visit:
Telehealth is a new and exciting way to go to see your healthcare provider without having to leave your house.

Below we have put together a few tips for how you can prepare for your virtual visit with your healthcare provider:

  • Find a quiet space where you can be by yourself.
  • Be ready to give your provider all of your attention. Please do not call from your smartphone while driving or doing other tasks.
  • You will need a smartphone, computer or tablet that has a microphone and a camera, and an internet connection.
  • If you are using a smartphone you will need to download the Zoom app ahead of time. We have written instructions that you can follow.
  • Ask anyone that lives with you to avoid streaming or watching videos while you are using the internet for your virtual visit.
  • Dress appropriately for the visit, just like you would if you were coming into the clinic.
  • Prepare for the visit as you would any other, including having a list of your current medications and any questions for your healthcare provider written down.

Don’t worry if you have issues connecting, getting your sound at the right level or adjusting your camera so the provider can see you. Virtual visits are a new process for a lot of us and it is okay if it takes some time to learn.

If you have questions about your virtual visit, please contact your health care provider’s office.

Why schedule a virtual visit?
  • You don’t need to leave your home. That means you can continue social distancing and get your routine medical care. It is still important to keep up with your regularly scheduled visits to ensure you stay healthy.
  • Protect patients who are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. A virtual visit means that you do not need to come into the clinic where you might be exposed.
  • An evaluation if you are experiencing fever, cough and shortness of breath. Your doctor or health care provider can use a virtual visit to do an initial evaluation and determine if you need to come into the clinic for testing for COVID-19.
What types of appointments can be done virtually?
Each Primary Health Care clinic has different capabilities, and we recommend asking your provider if your next scheduled visit can be virtual.

For clients of The Project of PHC, appointments with our licensed behavioral health consultant (Anneke Gustafson, LISW) are available via virtual visits or by phone. Please call (515) 248-1595 to schedule.

Download instructions for doing a virtual visit on your smartphone
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