It’s important to track how well we’re preventing and treating HIV. One measure is how many people with HIV have achieved viral suppression each year. When the virus is controlled, it can’t be passed to others – a concept known as Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U). This is a big deal! It also helps people stay healthier.

The Project of PHC has


viral suppression rate among our Part C clients (those who receive their medical care through us).

Recently, a report came out about HIV in the US. Iowa did amazing! In our state, a huge 81.7% of people with HIV had their virus under control in 2021. This was the best in the whole country, and only one of two states to go above 80%.

The most exciting news is about what we’ve done here at The Project of PHC – we’ve achieved a virus suppression rate of 95.1%! This is a huge success and shows how well we’re stopping the virus from spreading. It’s a remarkable achievement that we’re really proud of!

This success happened because:

  • We have health programs in many places that help people with HIV.
  • Our health workers do a great job of connecting and helping people.
  • Different health groups and workers partner up to help stop HIV.
  • Our state leaders have been working on this for a long time.

Iowa also did well in other ways. Lots of people got the medical care they needed (88.1%). And we were in the top ten for using a medicine called PrEP to prevent HIV (41.0%).

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