On December 1, 2020, Our staff, at The Project, will be placing hundreds of red flags outside our office along University Ave, to commemorate World AIDS Day.

The flags represent the lives forever changed by HIV. The people we have lost, the people that they have left behind, and the people who are living and thriving with HIV today. We place the flags in hope for a future where HIV is no longer a virus that is stigmatized.

Sponsor a flag to honor someone whose life has been touched by HIV. The sponsorships will be listed and published at the bottom of this page. The suggested contribution is $25 to sponsor a flag.


Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for videos and updates throughout World AIDS Day. We will honor those we have lost, share educational content and celebrate the work being done to destigmatize HIV and end the epidemic.

Sponsored Flags

In Memory of Thom

In Memory of Mark S. Anderson

In Memory of Mark 

In Honor of Roger Lacoy 

In Honor of Ryan

In Honor of Fred

In Honor of Jonathan

In Honor of Alexis

In Honor of Keith

In Honor of Eric

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