Check Your Insurance Plan

Your Cost

It’s wise to check with your insurance plan ahead of time to see what you may have to pay out of pocket while on PrEP.

  • Find out what your deductible is.
  • Find what drug tier that Truvada is on.
  • Figure out your total costs for medical visits, routine blood work, and the prescription.
  • Ask for help from doctor’s office, pharmacist, local case manager, or insurance plan help.

Find A Medical Provider Who Supports Your Decision To Get On PrEP

Schedule an appointment

Approach your medical provider about Truvada for PrEP prescription.

  • If s/he will prescribe, GREAT NEWS!
  • If s/he doesn’t know about PrEP but is willing to prescribe:
    1. S/he can consult the US PHS’s prescribing guidelines: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for Prevention of HIV Infection and/or
    2. You can take a copy of the guidelines with you, and/or
    3. S/he can consult the CCC’s PrEPline at 855-448-7737 during business hours (
  • If s/he isn’t willing to prescribe:
    1. Read/utilize these resource materials:
    2. Ask for a referal, or find another provider on your own:
      • your insurance plan’s provider directory
      • public health and STD clinics
      • local, county and state health departments
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